Black History Month

What Black History Month can teach the rest of the year

Posted February 3, 2020

The lessons of Black History Month:

My blog post on this topic:

"What Black History Month Can Teach the Rest of the Year" (Feb 4, 2019)

An inspiring evening that captures the emotions of learning about the past:

"An Evening Celebrating Black Women in Canada, Toronto" (Feb 26, 2016) Historica YouTube.

Also, all the event photographs featured in the video were from Historica's Facebook photo albums from these events.

Critiques of Black History Month from within the Black community:

Doharty, N. (2019). "‘I FELT DEAD’: applying a racial microaggressions framework to Black students’ experiences of Black History Month and Black History." Race Ethnicity and Education, 22(1), 110-129.

King, LaGarrett J., and Keffrelyn Brown. 2014. "Once a Year to Be Black: Fighting against Typical Black History Month Pedagogies." Negro Educational Review 65 (1-4): 23-43.

Readings and links related to Black History Month:

"Black History Month." (2020). Canadian Heritage.

Lingley, Scott. (2017, Feb 23). "Black History is Canadian History."

Mourning, Glen. (2019, Feb 22). Teaching Black History Beyond Slavery and Black History Month.

"What is 28 Moments of Black Canadian History?" (2020, Jan 7). UNILEARNAL YouTube.

What would a lesson look like with the findings from this historian?

Waters, Rosanne. (2013). "African Canadian Anti-Discrimination Activism and the Transnational Civil Rights Movement, 1945–1965." Journal of the Canadian Historical Association/Revue de la Société historique du Canada, 24(2), 386-424.